A small talk about inspiration

image: mood of 2015SS Haute Couture at first phase

As a young designer label, people are curious of our process, such as inspiration, pattern-making, textile appliance and more. Hereby I would like to share with you about in general how we elaborate the collections – by featuring with some popular questionnaires.


Is there a muse?
No, we do not have a muse for inspiration.

image: sketch of 2015AW Capsule SHADOWS

Inspiration is a kind of gallery collected from living and emotion. Each season, we firstly discuss about the colours, the silhouettes, mixing with uncertain abstract ideas, then spice up with the mood from ‘inspiration’ gallery to form a story-line for the new design.

With the rough idea, the designer Yojiro starts to illustrate those blurry imagination from his mind into reality. Another discussion begins over the sketches – to narrow down a bit from the wild fantasy also to elaborate more related possibilities – pages and pages over we find a specific path leading toward the story.


by Oka HuiYun Lin
Director of label YOJIRO KAKE



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