Jun’s dress on TV show

image: back side of Jun’s dress, screenshot from the TV show online

Screen shot 2015-12-19 at 下午12.22.51.png
image: the handmade Rose detail at the back strip, screenshot from the TV show online

It is quite exciting for us to watch this clip online. Our dress from 2015SS has been chosen to participate a Taiwanese TV show named 超愛美小姐 – a talk show curated by MTV.tw focusing on stylish living, trendy brands, pop-music and beauty.

Screen shot 2015-12-19 at 下午12.07.53.png
image: 容嘉 in Jun’s dress, screenshot from the TV show online

The host who wears Jun’s dress is 容嘉, a popular and reputable hard-worker hosting categories ranging from fashion, pop-music to travel worldwide. Here I translate the introduction presented by 容嘉 from Mandarin to English about our label in brief.

This is a dress from label of a Japanese designer Yojiro Kake 掛 洋二郎. All process including design, fabrics, production are in Italia because the designer graduated from a fashion design college there in italy.
He likes to mix menswear tailoring concept into womenswear, so you may see here this dress with boyish style – strapless and clean-cut but there are girlish details for example – almost ”nude” open at back with a fine, handmade, beautiful Rose.
A special innovative fashion designer label, I present you!

image: photo by Sara Mautone, featuring with Shifra Stonemountain @ Look Now Firenze, make-up & hair by Caterina Cerretti

This dress is called “Jun’s dress” for the reason that it was designed originally for a friend “Ms. Jun” of us to participate her graduation celebration in Japan. As a rare style of our design, the idea of elegance and femininity has been requested for the occasion.


Upper made of Polyester, black skirt made of pure Silk – all in Italy, produced in Florence.


_special thanks_

Taiwanese stylist Mia Tsai for contact



by Oka HuiYun Lin
Director of label YOJIRO KAKE

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