The forthcoming year 2016

image: photo by YaTang Lee, portrait of Yojiro with curve ruler, mini scissor, mask and mannequin ladies at studio 

2015, the 3rd year of label Yojiro Kake, a period of time that we have tried to reach out for more possibilities to be seen by the market. There are one capsule of Haute Couture 2015AW, and one RTW collection 2016SS. We enjoyed the moment presenting our realization of imagination at FashionClash Festival 2015, while RTW trade show at Pitti Super gave us lessons and hints for the following steps in reality.

image: photo by YaTang Lee, a glance at the entrance corner of the building

In 2015 we have learned from the boutiques and the market about target, pricing and item variation. As one may see that, from 2015SS RTW to 2016SS RTW, we have narrowed down the diversity of textiles and the complexity of items. In this way we found ourselves that – it is easier to control the amount of material ordering and much more clear to show the mood of collection for the audience, most important of all, we can save the energy to exam and complete all the designs in details.

23684009099_9a37266640_kimage:photo by YaTang Lee, a glance at studio a place we work on our imagination

The designer Yojiro has devoted his time and creativity into the label, every challenge has transformed into courage to face the reality or to over the bad moment. We are certain continuing the studio, simply because of the glorious mood we feel intensively while people realize our details as rare treasure or support our products in any ways.

In the following days, a rough plan for label Yojiro Kake’s 2016, we will focus heavily on seasonal trade shows to promote Ready-to-Wear collections, we aim to gain a SURVIVOR mode for our label – a strong will to organize the studio state into company-like business model.

image:photo by YaTang Lee, a glance at the stairs of the building in strong green and gentle yellow light

As a designer label, we could stand out from the line with proud only with the helps of angels we have met. We are grateful sincerely to all the angels and supports from all talents. Thank you so much, any opinions or further collaborations are most welcomed with hearts.



_grateful thanks_

To all angels 2015:
柴田 千里 Chisato Shibata (Japan), 尾久土 絵美 Emi Okyudo (Japan), 池田 圭子 Keiko Ikeda (Japan), 傅 麗帆 LiFan Fu (Taiwan), 坂井 亮太 Ryota Sakai (Japan), 孫 上筑 ShangChu Sun (Taiwan)

To all stylists & press for contact

To boutique La Gare 24 (Italy)
La Gare 24 has been supportive to us, hosting events and introducing us to relevant fashion people
WebsiteFacebook Fanpage

To Eva at POLIMODA (Italy)
Eva has been a strong support to manage problems about fashion industry and guide us with helpful contacts
Polimoda Website/ Polimoda Facebook Fanpage

To 林 宜親 Marcy YiChin Lin (Taiwan)
Marcy has demonstrated 2015SS RTW collection in her own words through photography

To Sara Mautone (Italy)
Sara has collaborated with us for three seasons being such a creative and energetic visual professionist
Facebook Fanpage

To 李 亞唐 YaTang Lee (Taiwan)
YaTang has documented our studio life as a close friend and a artistic photographer
Facebook Fanpage/ Flickr

To my dearest families

To the kindest – Yojiro Kake’s families



by Oka HuiYun Lin
Director of label YOJIRO KAKE

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