Those days with a camera-man in the house

Last October, a team of Japanese TV show グッと!地球便 came to our studio to film an interview of the designer Yojiro Kake, this serious filming has proceed for four days with us . グッと!地球便 is a popular TV short program for over than 360 episodes in Japan, focusing on the livings of Japanese who work overseas and the stories of the relationship between those people and home.

Frankly the guideline of this program turned out to be a story of love in distance between Mrs. Kake in Osaka and Mr. Kake in Firenze, however there are plenty of vital footages about design process, shooting and boutiques – which would promote the label a lot.

Screen shot 2016-01-11 at 下午3.14.51image: fashion designer 掛 洋二郎 Yojiro Kake

Here within this post, I would like to present some points of the filming in my own words.

_To begin with
The TV team contacted Yojiro from Mrs. Kake to fix the appointment and soon booked the flights from Japan to Italy where we base. It is a super news to have any TV interview opportunity by any press, but this time is a filming program to document the daily life of Yojiro, also, the studio life of his own label.

image left: a preview of filming schedule
image right: a lunch break take-out at street food vender nearby our studio

During these days, there are Yojiro, Ryota and I at studio working like another ordinary day, therefore it was an honour to say hello to Japan.

image left: Ryota Sakai, intern, student at POLIMODA majoring Fashion Design
image right: me with mannequin in 2016AW capsule Shadows

_The process of making origami white wedding dress
The collection 2016SS RTW Peace in Origami – one piece – made in peace, began without any sketch yet draping on mannequin. During the challenge of folding without separating the pattern, the designer may evolve the items only by making by hand with imagination in mind. Same as the collection, this extraordinary wedding dress made with piles of folding textile has started with paper pressed into form and folded by logical thinking.

Screen shot 2016-01-11 at 下午3.21.12image: draping and modifying the paper pattern on mannequin 

Screen shot 2016-01-11 at 下午4.07.09image: cutting fabrics with ready pattern

_Prato – our magic tool box
As a label based in Firenze, one of the benefit is that we are nearby the town of quality textile manufactures. After the designer finished the base of wedding dress, he came to the fabric stockist looking for some semi-transparent, rigid to form but soft to touch, light and white material. For any creative artists, it is a fancy adventure to search for fabrics, exciting and inspiring. We may dream the silhouettes of firework-like outfits just right here.

Screen shot 2016-01-11 at 下午3.23.56image: choosing textile for white wedding dress

Screen shot 2016-01-11 at 下午3.24.24image: chosen fabric measuring in Prato

_shooting with Sara Mautone
Sara Mautone is a genuine photography artist we’ve worked for three collections and found amazing results together. Thanks to Sara, this time we had the chance to have shooting under natural light at the extinguish Renaissance building owned by well-known architect Anna Conti.

dsc_2724_21851285619_oimage: shooting 2016SS RTW Peace in Origami with Sara Mautone

Screen shot 2016-01-11 at 下午3.33.43image: model Faustine ICEModels Milan in origami white wedding dress

_To present 2016SS RTW at boutique La Gare 24
La Gare 24 is a lovely boutique selling practical fine selection from labels of emerging designer, situated at the center of Firenze. We have collaborated with this shop from selling promotion to curating events of Pitti Uomo week, the owner Brian has been supported to our label and he does understand the value and beauty of clothing garments.

dsc_2703_21394685554_oimage: visiting boutique La Gare 24 to present 2016SS RTW Peace in Origami collection

dsc_2711_22027368251_oimage: showing our textile swatches to the owner Brian and staff Anna

We presented our new collection to Brian and Anna for their upcoming selling program with materials like look book, swatches and item samples. Also there are mannequins showing our previous products and a rack of our selection.

Screen shot 2016-01-11 at 下午3.27.46image: interviewing the owner Brian about the opinion of 2016SS design

_To present 2016SS RTW at boutique Bjork Florence
Bjork Florence is another unique boutique in Firenze we have worked with, a quiet place with fantastic worldwide magazines, conceptual accessories and outfits of independent labels. It is a stylish contemporary shop one may hardly imagine it could be found in an antique city. The garments here are more clean-cut with strong characteristics, less eye-cathy decorations yet spoken silhouettes. We have some limited edition shirts sold exclusively here.

img_20151007_131434_21991434006_oimage: interview with the owner of boutique Bjork Florence

It was a strange/fresh experience for us to live/work with a big camera for several days. To show some ‘activity’ of our leisure time, we had a dinner together with many friends filmed at Gesto Firenze – a delightful and chilling restaurant where Yojiro’s flatmate Giulia has designed the interior. It was a thankful dinner as well, to flatmates, to Sara, to Brian, to intern Ryota, to TV team, to friends, because of them, label Yojiro Kake can step forward gradually now and then.

12140694_10206566855803994_6577957339925481416_nimage: together with Brian, TV team, Sara, Yojiro’s roommates, my friends


Attached video you may watch the full TV show in Japanese language. Great thanks to the curator, the camera man, the coordinator and all team workers of “グッと!地球便“.



by Oka HuiYun Lin
Director of label YOJIRO KAKE

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