image: 2014AW Capsule Rain in Eclipse, photo by M. SILVESTER/ editorial by Oka HuiYun Lin

After viewing the post of’s ‘Shirt’ selection, I believe we do have an inspiring category of shirt design even the quantity of our collections is not a large number.

There are several classic items favored by the designer Yojiro, particularly shirt and blazer. When I spread the words like “…as a lover of shirt, Yojiro…” it means most of the top that one may find in our closet are shirts, and unique shirts.

White classic shirt £270.00 – shop here at

The first collection Yojiro Kake 2014SS RTW Footprint of Onda after 2013 graduation show Heartless Heart at Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Design & Marketing, the shirt item has been an essential element. There, a clean and simple white shirt with double collars detail, another design of shirt along with blazer is a sleeveless one in pale grey and blue/white checks with geometrical playful pattern.

Following up, asymmetric ideas are revealed in 2014AW Capsule Rain in Eclipse. The silhouettes of shirts are getting longer and floating challenging with various textiles, details and textures form a rich experience for the audience.

Long tail shirt £222.00 – shop here at

2015SS RTW Be Clothed in Prepubescent is a point of slightly forwarding to street style from our fantasy. There are ‘casual’ daily-wear items, styling demonstrated by our dreamy thoughts though. Shirts in cotton – for sure, we do include that in this collection; in addition, in Nylon we also present them with proud. Through transparency of Nylon the techniques of sewing are exclusively taken care with hard work, meanwhile the designer has put a weight on the pattern making – apparently it is a task in some training camp.

Yojiro Kake 2015SS Onda shirt & Peacock skirt // photo by Marcy YiChin Lin

Nylon white onda shirt £280.00 – shop here at

More than a shirt, the designs of 2015AW Capsule Shadows have hit one more breathtaking peak. An ordinary shirt body in blue featuring with genuine collar and extra-long sleeves has dominated the desire of shirt lovers. As a playful artist like Yojiro, attaching partial elements as decoration is an usual topic between our discussion, here for example – a maxi shirt with various types of collars, sleeves and finishing is one of his favorite outfit said by himself.

Yojiro Kake 2015AW silver origami shirt // photo by Sara Mautone

The blue outfit and the silver shirt above have transformed an inspiration for 2016SS RTW Peace in Origami – one piece – Made in Peace, a tough goal to fulfill a collection by folding techniques with cutting only outlines. This collection has turned out to be a real practical clothing line for our label, not like the previous eye-catchers, we try to draw the attention down to patterns and details in limited colours.

Origami shirt £250.00 – shop here at here at

As we are developing the potential of origami shirts at this moment, the possibility of uni-sex design is also taken under consideration. We found it is stylish to see the shirt on guys while our intern Ryota from Polimoda was trying out the model.


Ryota in maxi origami shirt with original printing at Pitti Super Milano 2015

Uni-sex origami shirt £250.00 – shop here at here at
Maxi origami shirt with printing £290.00 – shop here at here at

Such a lover of shirt like Yojiro, the developing process of a timeless item is only a pleasure. Soon for the coming season, ‘folding’ concept is going to be remained and evolved further more, there we will share a fresh viewpoint for your 2016AW which would be presented at Capsule Paris on March.


by Oka HuiYun Lin
Director of label YOJIRO KAKE

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