After Party with a walk in Paris

image: Patrick came to visit us at Capsule Paris

During Paris Fashion Week, we participated Capsule Show presenting our 2016AW RTW collection the Warmth of Origami. Like previous presentations or trade shows, we have always learned lessons even from tiny little response of the audience.

We’ve got many compliments of styles and patterns, there were even professors from different colleges in London visiting directly toward us discussing over all the items. In general, of this collection unisex items, for example the wool cape, wide trousers and maxi shirts are our pop-stars, they are urban, simple and unique – just easy to wear daily within strong personal style. Surprisingly the sleeveless maxi dress also attract buyers’ eyes, it is a garment of elegance comparing to most designs of our label also quite challenging as one-piece pattern according to Yojiro.

image left: Chisato in white maxi shirt & cotton cape, Yojiro in print maxi shirt & wool cape
image right: me in wool short jacket & wide trousers, all in one-piece

Head of Design & Technology department – Patrick from Polimoda came to visit our booth one day. Yojiro was quite nervous at the moment, since Patrick has been the most important role in Fashion Design course back in Yojiro’s student life in Polimoda. We were very glad to have Patrick there, like gaining more courages. But in fact he was sort of sad when he was told as a great pattern-maker, because ‘I am a designer.’


image: Yojiro in maxi origami shirt with splendid Patrick

Suddenly I realised this season, as a grown-up version of origami design collection, is focusing too much on pattern development. Although the value of challenging classic & basic items within one-piece pattern is almost wordless of proud, it could mean just nothing until the people buy the story. I could tell the confusion of Yojiro from reviewing once again our past collections presenting at FashionClash Festival 2014 & 2015. We need more impact of ‘design’ with love-at-first-sight basis which we tried to reveal less.

10352937_475576985926276_649965366215033222_nimage: 2015AW capsule Shadows at FashionClash Festival © 2015 TEAM PETER STIGTER

The next day of Patrick visit, without any notice we had two professors from Ueda College of Fashion – Yojiro’s first fashion school in Osaka, and one of the professor was his tutor. As a work partner, I wonder, if these professors from Yojiro’s schools were meant to be here to remind his playful soul of design?


image: lovely Iren in our black wool cape came with super warm greetings 

We planned to have a walk around some places of concept stores in Paris. It was a great training for emerging artists I do believe. Yojiro and I, wearing our 2016AW designs, had visited many lovely boutiques with look book, price list, brochure and a big bag of some fresh samples. Quite exciting actually, I was fully-equipped and ready to explore this capital of fashion. However, the idea was great yet the truth is it was simply a wrong timing totally for boutiques and we were just naive.

image left: Taiwanese footwear designer YoYo from Abcense in our wool coat
image right: me in short jacket & pleating pencil skirt, all in one-piece

Allora, so many things we need to catch up with the world, there are countless details await for us to absorb and proceed to be a solid designer label.

It’s like a battle. To be powerful at fields, one must be well-prepared; to be well-prepared, one shall understand oneself clearly, shall realise the value of introspection. I sense the breaking movement toward next season, but now, we are fighting for this genuine collection the Warmth of Origami. Andiamo!


image: same model of YoYo’s wool coat, all in one-piece

_grateful thanks_

To all angels:
Chisato Shibata (Japan)// Kazuyo Yoshimura (Japan)// Miharu Kobayashi (Japan)// Shuri Matsunaka (Japan)//  Yurika Murata (Japan)

Special thanks to Atelier Giannini & Kuwata

by Oka HuiYun Lin
Director of label YOJIRO KAKE



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