‘Origami’ onepiece patterns

image: origami shorts in original print of pattern-making tracks,
foto by Sara Mautone

2016, for our label Yojiro Kake, is a year that only presents exclusive collection of onepiece technique designs in Ready-to-Wear category.

How much different is this technique from the usual pattern? It shall not be enough to explain with “one-piece pattern without separating the parts” alternatively I would rather to present this Origami task at a viewpoint as a big fan of the label.

White Origami classic shirt £250.00 – shop here at Notjustalabel.com
White Origami uni-sex shirt £250.00 – shop here at Notjustalabel.com

The western basic garments here in these collections are simple, minimal yet particular, the luxurious idea to stand one out is whether one gets the idea or no -these items are all designed within one-piece of pattern. Try to imagine wearing this one-piece paper origami pattern, this challenge is like an other way to re-consider the construction of ‘building-up’ a clothe. This is the true value of design.


image: mini origami garments to explain the idea at Pitti Super Milano

Although the consumption of fabric would increase a bit more than usual, one-piece pattern saves the time from cutting and sewing. During making the garment, the logic is also another story – the pattern itself is a folding map written with instructions.


image: mini origami blazer in pattern paper made for fun

This garment for instance, a blazer jacket made of silk, it is folded from the pattern shown below – composed of collar, front pocket, sleeve, detail of classic back-end. It is like a fancy folding game only for fashion designer yet in real size, conquering all the difficulties of forming each part and detail. I do remember that Yojiro was murmuring alone doing patterns while trying to figure a way out.


image: a copied pattern of origami blazer

At first, the designer Yojiro only works the patterns only on mannequin instead of sketches, he fixes the module with plenty of paper patches then extends them to form a clean copy. The process was totally a wonderful adventure, much more complicated than he had ever imagined, not even mentioned how to keep the pattern fit to the body in an elegant and natural shape as an ordinary wearable garment shall be. However, we enjoy the period of development and the comments from clients, it worths taking much time from the designer or I shall put it in this way – origami collections are pushing us up to the next level. We will keep this technique as a iconic tool for the coming concepts.

Black Origami blazer £360.00 – shop here at Notjustalabel.com

Here you may find out more looks of 2016SS. If you need any further information to order or collaborate, please contact us by the simple form here or drop us a message by yojiro808@gmail.com it will be our pleasure to hearing from you.


by Oka HuiYun Lin
Director of label YOJIRO KAKE



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